Petition for the Seelie Birds / Hale Mueller

Silhouette of a corvid sitting on top of a pine tree against a stormy sky.

Crows and/or Ravens,
which roost over crowds,
rule me worthy, Lordly Flock,
fly low and cheerfully carouse.
i beg You shroud me in shadow,
let me bask only in shallow light.
life is blinding and eyes are piercing
like daggers in the night.

Ravens and/or Crows,
that cry from regal rooftops,
You deathly heralds in black apparel,
in the edges hide in rough spots,
i hear You steal away children and You steal away queens,
i hear You steal away mortals, among other things,
and though their heads seem still heavy on their feathered beds
in truth lies Your changeling cleverly dozing in their steads.

Crows and/or Ravens,
Your own radiant, black crown.
grown from mischief good and bad,
fae princexes of missing things found.
sweep me sweet in Your swatting kindling wings,
whisk me kindly up into Your spooking court.
Dark Birds, which wheel and swing,
if You’d envelope me i’d sing and kneel,
for fortunate i’d be,
if a fae stranger strode on my feet,
while i stay with Lovely Birds hiding
all but my skinny heels.


Hale Mueller (they/he) is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in English writing and literature. They are half Venezuelan and half German, and were raised in Michigan. They are a poet, author, and illustrator, whose art explores their complex identity and relationship with themself.

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