Healer Broke Open / Stefani Cox

Young black woman with natural hair walking through a forest.

Would that my home here
at the very edge of town—
I wish this place served as
respite, a gap in the waves
for seafarers and land people too. 

Shelves line my walls,
cluster of herbs and salves
and sachets of the like;
salts to catch the wound
not cause one. 

Ailments sink below
the fact of skin, we seek
to cushion anvil, dull colors
that bludgeon and burn
at vision’s edge. 

Wistful spirits drift soft sounds
to dwellers down below.

When longing becomes a gift,
where shall we transform?


Stefani Cox is a speculative fiction writer and poet based in Los Angeles. Her work has been published to LeVar Burton Reads, PodCastle, FIYAH, and the Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers anthology, among other outlets. She has received fellowships to Hedgebrook and VONA/Voices, and previously served as an editor at PodCastle. Find her on Twitter @stefanicox or her website stefanicox.com.

Kayla Allen