Beware the Goose Mother / Rebecca Buchanan


She sits atop chimneys,
skulks in closets,
and crawls under beds,
wrapped in her cloak of white feathers.

She whispers tales of angry daughters
and mad wives,
of stolen children
and disrupted lives,
of teeth broken and dull,
filed sharp anew.

Her tale told,
a mind awakened,
a heart cracked in two,
she draws her cloak
around her shoulders,
sprouts swift wings and barbed beak,
and takes flight.

as the world will be,
tale by tale.


Rebecca Buchanan is the editor of the Pagan literary ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer. She has been previously published in a variety of venues, including Abyss & Apex, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Enchanted Conversation, Gingerbread House, and other venues. She recently released Dame Evergreen, and Other Poems of Myth, Magic, and Madness (Sycorax Press).