Kayla Bashe

Kayla Bashe is a binational lesbian currently attending Sarah Lawrence College. Her poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Liminality Magazine, and various zines, and her short fiction has appeared in the Outliers of Science Fiction anthology, as well as Solarpunk Press, Mirror Dance edited by Megan Arkenberg, and The Future Fire. She is also the author of several queer romance/speculative fiction novellas.

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Robin Cedar

Robin Cedar’s work has appeared in Blue Mesa Review, Front Porch Journal, Crab Fat Magazine, Leveler, The Fem, and elsewhere. Her poetry has been nominated for the Best of the Net and selected for limited-run chapbook projects. She received her MFA in poetry from Oregon State University and served as poetry editor and social media manager to its lit mag, 45th Parallel. She is a reader for Lemon Star Magazine, a lit mag dedicated to underrepresented undergraduate writers. She teaches English Composition and writing in Corvallis, Oregon.

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helga floros

helga floros lives in a body. they’ve had work in witchcraft magazine, vagabond city lit, spy kids review, and other places.

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Nadia Henderson

Nadia Henderson is a London-based writer, happily living up to the coffee-sipping, cat-stroking stereotype. She can usually be found on the sofa, or brunching with her fabulous women writers’ collective.

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T.R. North

T.R. North was born and raised in Florida and has never been featured in a “News of the Weird” column run in another state. Other works of short fiction can be found in Metaphorosis, Persistent Visions, and PseudoPod.

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Amina Razzack

Amina Razzack is a journalism graduate based in India who enjoys all forms of storytelling. She is a first time fiction writer and enjoys travelling to make some stories of her own.

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S.J. Ross

S. J. Ross is a graduating history major in Montana. She finds a joyful rebellion in traditional femininities and reclaiming women’s history. Some of her favorite things include Victorian-style scrapbooks, the smell of army surplus, and happy endings.

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G.G. Silverman

G.G. Silverman lives just north of Seattle. Her fiction and poetry have won awards, and her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from So To Speak feminist language + art, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Iron Horse Literary Review, The Seventh Wave, Lunch Ticket, Molotov Cocktail, Iconoclast, Ellipsis Literature & Art, and more. She is currently at work on a short story collection as well as her third novel.

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Alex Vigue

Alex Vigue is a queer poet and storyteller from Ridgefield, Washington. He has a degree in creative writing from Western Washington University and has been published in Drunk Monkeys, Cotton Xenomorph, and Cahoodaloodaling. His debut chapbook “The Myth of Man” was a finalist for the Floating Bridge Press chapbook competition.

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